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Product Description

Product Description

Machine name Parts Name Drawing No. Weight(kg) Note
H2800 Wearing plate 442.6130 8  
H2800 Bottom shell bushing 442.6131 44  
H2800 Main shaft step 442.6138 9  
H2800 Wearing plate 442.6139 6.8  
H2800 Locating Bar 442.6143 0.9  
H2800 Ecc.Bushing 442.9659/442.6995 42  
H2800 Ecc.Bushing 442.9657/442.6995 42  
S2800 Ecc.Bushing 442.9619/442.9689 42  
Superior 3000 Excenterbussning,Amne(Eccentric bushing, Blank) 442.8450 67  
Superior 3000 Excenterbussning 16+20+25+30 442.8450-01/442.8486 67  
Hydrocone 8000 Stativbussning(Bottom shell bushing) 442.9248 370  
Hydrocone 8000 Excenterbussning,Amne(Eccentric bushing, Blank) 442.9247 600  
Hydrocone 8000 Excenterbussn.60+64+68+70 442.9247-01/442.9360 585  
Hydrocone 7800 Stativbussning(Bottom shell bushing) 452.571 255  
Hydrocone 6000 Stativbussning(Bottom shell bushing) 442.8742 177  
Hydrocone 6000 Excenterbussning.18+20+24+28 442.8737-01/442.8824 220  
Hydrocone 6000 Excenterbussning,Amne(Eccentric bushing, Blank) 442.8737 220  
Hydrocone 6000 Excenterbussning 442.8826/442.8737-01 220  
Hydrocone 6000 Tryckplatta nedre(Piston wearing plate) 442.8730 38  
Hydrocone 6000 Tryckplatta ovre(Main shaft step) 442.8732 38.5  
Hydrocone 4000 Stodklack(Locating bar) 442.7110 2.8  
Hydrocone 4000 Excenterbussning,Amne(Eccentric bushing, Blank) 442.9404 124  
Hydrocone 4000 Excenterbussn.32+36+40+44 442.9404-01/442.9406 124  
Hydrocone 4000 Excenterbussn.13+16+20+24 442.9404-01/442.9643 124  
Hydrocone 4000 Excenterbussn.24+28+32 442.9404-01/442.9642 124  
Superior 400 Excenterbussning 442.8066-01/442.8067 136  
Hydrocone 400 Lagerbricka(Wearing plate) 442.7107 23  
Hydrocone 400 Tryckplatta ovre(Main shaft step) 442.7120 21 Actual weight 23kg
Hydrocone 400 Stativbussning(Bottom shell bushing) 442.7146 100  
Hydrocone 400 Tryckplatta nedre(Piston wearing plate) 442.7122 20 Actual weight 25kg
Hydrocone 3000 Stodklack(Locating bar) 442.7928 1.3  
Hydrocone 300 Ecc.bushing blank 442.7922 67  
Hydrocone 300 Tryckplatta nedre(Piston wearing plate) 442.7893 13  
Hydrocone 300 Tryckplatta ovre(Main shaft step) 442.7895 12  
Hydrocone 300 Excenterbussn.16+19+22 442.7922/442.7923 67  
Hydrocone 300 Excenterbussn.29+32+34+36 442.7922/442.7925 67  
Hydrocone 300 Lagerbricka(Wearing plate) 442.7927 13  
Hydrocone 300 Stativbussning(Bottom shell bushing) 442.7935 60  
Hydrocone 300 Excenterbussn.22+25+29 442.7922/442.7924 67  
Hydrocone 2000 Excenterbussning.18+20+22mm 442.6995-01/442.9658 60  
CS430 Excenterbussning,Amne(Eccentric bushing, Blank) 452.4515 74  
CS430 Excenterbussn.16+20+25+30 452.4515-001/452.4516 71  
CH430,CS430 Stativbussning(Bottom shell bushing) 452.4190 58  
CH430,CS430 Lagerbricka(Eccentric wearing plate) 452.4188 12  
CH430,CS430 Stodklack(Locating bar) 452.4194 1.2  
CH430 Excenterbussn.22+25+29 452.4189-001/452.4192 63  
CH430 Excenterbussning,Amne(Eccentric bushing, Blank) 452.4189 66  
CH430 Excenterbussn.29+32+34+36 452.4189-001/452.4193 63  
CH430 Excenterbussn.16+19+22 452.4189-001/452.4191 63  
Spindelkross 74″ Stativbussning 442.4233 593  
H2800 Eccentric excenter 442.6183/442.8342-01 ? steel
    442.8425-01 138 steel

Our Capacity:
1.Centrifugal Casting:
a:For bronze parts
b:Diameter under 2200mm 
c:Finished Machining output:10,000kg
d:Maximum weight per piece:4000kg

2.Sand Casting:
a: For High manganese steel parts
b: Diameter under 3000mm
c: Finished Machining output:20,000kg/day 
d: Maximum weight per piece:40,000kg

3.Other special shaped parts ca nuse other methods of casting or shaped moulds.


Cu Main Material
  Cu Sn Zn Pb Fe Al Mn P Ni
C93700 78-82 9-11   8-11          
C93200 81-85 6.3-7.5 1-4 6-8         1
C95400 >83       3-5 10-11.5 0.5   1.5
C95500 >78       3-5 10-11.5 3.5   3-5
C90700 88-90 10-12              
C95300 >86       0.8-1.5 9-11      
C95800 >79       3.5-4.5 8.5-9.5 0.8-1.5   4-5
C93600 79-83 6-8 1 11-13         1
C86300 60-66   22-28   2-4 5-7.5 2.5-5    
C83600 84-86 4-6 4-6 4-6         1

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Company Profile

HangZhou Gloria International Trading Co., Ltd. specialize in providing high-quality OEM CHINAMFG Bronze Parts and High Manganese Casting Parts for various crusher brands, including Symons,  Pegson, Telsmith, and Nordberg.  Our crusher spares are designed to fit your crushers perfectly, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.  Precision-engineered Bronze Parts Durable High Manganese Casting Parts Compatible with Symons, Pegson, Telsmith, and Nordberg Crushers Guaranteed fit for your crushers.  we offer a wide range of OEM crusher parts for different crusher models, including:GP Series,HP Series,MP Series,C-Jaws,Gyrotary,VSI,NP Impact,S Series,H Series,Jaw Series,VSI Series,Minyu Series,Telsmith Series,Nordberg Series.


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Q. What’s your advantage?
A:  On Time Delivery /Customer Satisfaction
OEM Quality of Products /Quick Inquiry Response within 12hours
High-quality control and fast delivery with the most competitive price

Q. What’s the warranty on your products?
A: Yes, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to feedback immediately if you are not pleased with our quality or service.

Q. What’s your delivery time?
A: Within 15-35 days after we confirm your requirement.

Q. What’s the payment terms?
A: T/T,100% L/C at sight are all accepted

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After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 6months
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Manufacturing Process: Casting


hydraulic cylinder

Are there any emerging trends in hydraulic cylinder technology, such as smart features?

Yes, there are several emerging trends in hydraulic cylinder technology, including the integration of smart features. As industries continue to adopt advanced technologies and seek greater efficiency, hydraulic cylinders are being equipped with innovative capabilities to enhance their performance and provide additional benefits. Here are some of the emerging trends in hydraulic cylinder technology:

1. Sensor Integration:

– One of the significant trends in hydraulic cylinder technology is the integration of sensors. Sensors can be embedded within the hydraulic cylinder to monitor various parameters such as pressure, temperature, position, and load. These sensors provide real-time data, allowing for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and improved operational control. By collecting and analyzing data, operators can optimize the performance of hydraulic systems, detect potential issues in advance, and prevent failures, resulting in increased reliability and reduced downtime.

2. Connectivity and IoT:

– Hydraulic cylinders are being integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, enabling connectivity and data exchange. By connecting hydraulic cylinders to a network, operators can remotely monitor and control their performance. IoT-enabled hydraulic cylinders facilitate features such as remote diagnostics, performance optimization, and predictive maintenance. The connectivity aspect allows for better integration with overall equipment systems and enables data-driven decision-making for improved efficiency and productivity.

3. Energy-Efficient Designs:

– With the increasing focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, hydraulic cylinder technology is evolving to incorporate energy-saving features. Manufacturers are developing hydraulic cylinders with improved sealing technologies, reduced friction, and optimized fluid flow dynamics. These advancements minimize energy losses and increase overall system efficiency. Energy-efficient hydraulic cylinders contribute to reduced power consumption, lower operating costs, and a smaller environmental footprint.

4. Advanced Materials and Coatings:

– The use of advanced materials and coatings is another emerging trend in hydraulic cylinder technology. Manufacturers are exploring lightweight materials, such as composites and alloys, to reduce the overall weight of hydraulic cylinders without compromising strength and durability. Furthermore, specialized coatings and surface treatments are being applied to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and lifespan. These advancements enhance the longevity and reliability of hydraulic cylinders, particularly in demanding environments.

5. Intelligent Control Systems:

– Hydraulic cylinder technology is embracing intelligent control systems that optimize performance and enable advanced functionalities. These systems utilize algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to automate processes, adapt to changing conditions, and optimize hydraulic cylinder movements. Intelligent control systems can adjust parameters in real-time, ensuring precise and efficient operation. This trend allows for increased automation, improved productivity, and enhanced safety in hydraulic system applications.

6. Predictive Maintenance:

– Predictive maintenance is gaining prominence in hydraulic cylinder technology. By utilizing data collected from sensors and monitoring systems, predictive maintenance algorithms can analyze the condition and performance of hydraulic cylinders. This analysis helps to identify potential failures or degradation in advance, enabling proactive maintenance actions. Predictive maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, extends the lifespan of hydraulic cylinders, and optimizes maintenance schedules, resulting in cost savings and improved equipment availability.

7. Enhanced Safety Features:

– Hydraulic cylinder technology is incorporating enhanced safety features to improve operator and equipment safety. These features include integrated safety valves, load monitoring systems, and emergency stop functionalities. Safety systems in hydraulic cylinders help prevent accidents, protect against overloads, and ensure reliable operation. The integration of advanced safety features contributes to safer working environments and compliance with stringent safety regulations.

These emerging trends in hydraulic cylinder technology demonstrate the industry’s focus on innovation, performance optimization, and sustainability. The integration of smart features, connectivity, advanced materials, and predictive maintenance capabilities enables hydraulic cylinders to operate more efficiently, provide real-time insights, and enhance overall system performance. As technology continues to advance, hydraulic cylinder technology is expected to evolve further, offering increased functionality and efficiency for various industries and applications.

hydraulic cylinder

Handling the Challenges of Minimizing Fluid Leaks and Contamination in Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders face challenges when it comes to minimizing fluid leaks and contamination, as these issues can impact the performance, reliability, and lifespan of the system. However, there are several measures and design considerations that help address these challenges effectively. Let’s explore how hydraulic cylinders handle the challenges of minimizing fluid leaks and contamination:

  1. Sealing Systems: Hydraulic cylinders employ advanced sealing systems to prevent fluid leaks. These systems typically include various types of seals, such as piston seals, rod seals, and wiper seals. The seals are designed to create a tight and reliable barrier between the moving components of the cylinder and the external environment, minimizing the risk of fluid leakage.
  2. Seal Material Selection: The choice of seal materials is crucial in minimizing fluid leaks and contamination. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers carefully select seal materials that are compatible with the hydraulic fluid used and resistant to wear, abrasion, and chemical degradation. This ensures the longevity and effectiveness of the seals, reducing the likelihood of leaks or premature seal failure.
  3. Proper Installation and Maintenance: Ensuring proper installation and regular maintenance of hydraulic cylinders is essential for minimizing fluid leaks and contamination. During installation, attention should be given to proper alignment, torqueing of bolts, and adherence to recommended procedures. Regular maintenance includes inspecting seals, replacing worn-out components, and addressing any signs of leakage promptly. Proper maintenance practices help identify and rectify issues before they escalate and cause significant problems.
  4. Contamination Control: Hydraulic cylinders incorporate measures to control contamination and maintain fluid cleanliness. This includes the use of filtration systems, such as in-line filters, to remove particles and contaminants from the hydraulic fluid. Additionally, hydraulic reservoirs often have breathers and desiccant filters to prevent moisture and airborne contaminants from entering the system. By controlling contamination, hydraulic cylinders minimize the risk of damage to internal components and maintain optimal system performance.
  5. Environmental Protection: Hydraulic cylinders may be equipped with protective features to safeguard against external contaminants. For example, bellows or protective boots can be installed to shield the rod and seals from debris, dirt, or moisture present in the operating environment. These protective measures help extend the life of the seals and enhance the overall reliability of the hydraulic cylinder.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders employ sealing systems, appropriate seal materials, proper installation and maintenance practices, contamination control measures, and environmental protection features to handle the challenges of minimizing fluid leaks and contamination. By implementing these measures, manufacturers can ensure reliable and long-lasting hydraulic cylinder performance, minimize the risk of fluid leakage, and maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.

hydraulic cylinder

What benefits do hydraulic cylinders offer for tasks requiring heavy lifting or movement?

Hydraulic cylinders offer numerous benefits for tasks that involve heavy lifting or movement. Their unique design and characteristics make them well-suited for applications that require substantial force, precise control, and reliable operation. Here are the detailed benefits that hydraulic cylinders provide for such tasks:

1. High Force Generation:

– Hydraulic cylinders are capable of generating significant amounts of force. By utilizing hydraulic pressure, which can be easily amplified, hydraulic cylinders can exert substantial force to lift and move heavy loads. The force output of a hydraulic cylinder is directly proportional to the hydraulic pressure and the surface area of the piston. This high force capability makes hydraulic cylinders ideal for tasks that involve heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling.

2. Precise Control:

– Hydraulic cylinders offer precise control over the force and motion they generate. By regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid into the cylinder, the speed, direction, and position of the cylinder’s movement can be accurately controlled. This level of control is crucial for tasks that require precise positioning, delicate movements, or synchronization of multiple cylinders. It enables operators to perform operations with accuracy and minimize the risk of damage or accidents.

3. Safety:

– Hydraulic cylinders are designed with safety features to ensure the protection of both personnel and equipment. They incorporate overload protection mechanisms, such as relief valves, that prevent excessive force or pressure from damaging the system. Additionally, hydraulic cylinders allow for controlled and gradual movements, reducing the risk of sudden and uncontrolled motions that could pose safety hazards during heavy lifting or movement tasks.

4. Versatility and Adaptability:

– Hydraulic cylinders are versatile components that can be adapted to meet specific requirements. They can be customized based on factors such as force capacity, stroke length, speed, and mounting options, allowing them to be integrated into various types of machinery. This versatility makes hydraulic cylinders suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, material handling, mining, agriculture, and more.

5. Smooth and Controlled Operation:

– Hydraulic cylinders provide smooth and controlled operation, ensuring efficient and reliable performance during heavy lifting or movement tasks. The hydraulic fluid acts as a cushioning medium, which helps dampen shocks and vibrations, resulting in smoother and quieter operation. This controlled operation also reduces the risk of damage to the load being lifted or the surrounding equipment.

6. Compact Design:

– Hydraulic cylinders offer a high power-to-size ratio, allowing for compact machinery design. Their relatively small size, compared to the forces they can generate, makes them suitable for applications where space is limited or weight restrictions apply. This compact design enables the integration of hydraulic cylinders into different types of equipment without compromising performance or efficiency.

7. Durability and Reliability:

– Hydraulic cylinders are built to withstand rigorous operating conditions and provide long-term reliability. They are constructed with robust materials, precise machining, and effective sealing systems to ensure durability and prevent fluid leakage. Hydraulic cylinders can withstand high pressures, heavy loads, and continuous use, making them suitable for demanding tasks involving heavy lifting or movement.

8. Energy Efficiency:

– Hydraulic cylinders contribute to energy efficiency in tasks requiring heavy lifting or movement. Hydraulic systems allow for the transfer of power over long distances without significant power losses. Additionally, hydraulic cylinders can incorporate energy-saving features such as load-sensing technology and regenerative circuits, which reduce energy consumption by optimizing the use of hydraulic fluid.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders offer several benefits for tasks that involve heavy lifting or movement. They provide high force generation, precise control, safety features, versatility, smooth operation, compact design, durability, and energy efficiency. These advantages make hydraulic cylinders indispensable components in various industries where heavy loads need to be lifted, pushed, or moved with accuracy and reliability.

China high quality Factory Best Selling CH Customize Multi Cylinder Hydraulic System Bronze Bushes   vacuum pump brakesChina high quality Factory Best Selling CH Customize Multi Cylinder Hydraulic System Bronze Bushes   vacuum pump brakes
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